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Epoxy Paint

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Diamond sanding machine and surface concrete surfaces should be wiped off and all kinds of oil dust and grain should be purified by vacuum machine. All the cracks in the concrete are opened and filled with repairs with epoxy repair mortar.
1- All concrete surfaces that have been repaired and ready to be primed are primed with solvent free epoxy resin concrete gypsum lining. It is left to dry one day at room temperature.
2- 100-300 micron thick qartz sand is mixed into the epoxy resin and the whole surface is stripped with trowel. This coating is allowed to dry at room temperature for at least one day.
3- In the self-leveling epoxy self leveling for the final coat application, quartz sand is mixed with 100-300 micron thickness and at least 2 kg is drawn to the meter with a comb trowel. One person scans with a spiked roller from the back, allowing gas to escape from the material and preventing bubble formation. In this way, a homogeneous flat single layer is produced without joints and joints.
It opens to human traffic 36 hours after the last application and to vehicle traffic 5 days later. The drying time is not related to the color, only the color difference acts. Drying may vary depending on room temperature and ambient humidity.
The moisture content in the concrete surface to be epoxy should be maximum 15%. Especially in newly dumped concrete, the surface nem is absolutely to be measured and the nem is expected to fall below 15%.
The Betonda surface hardener which is to be epoxy should never be used. Concrete quality should be at least C30-C35. During the casting of concrete, all surfaces should be polished by helicopter and a smooth concrete surface should be obtained.

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