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Silicone Based Exterior Primer

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-VIVID AND PERMENANT COLORS                                                                                     
-TS EN İSO 9001:2008 Certified
Styrene acrylic co-polymer binder, silicone additive water based flat exterior paint.
Resists to rain, humidity, sun beams and negative effects of the salty humidity on the seaside. Water proof with its water repellent structure and easily effects the humidity from the surface with its water steam permeability. Resists to alkali, acid, friction, adhesion, flexibility, UV light and chemical effects.
Areas of Usage:
Used with appropriate primer coat on all kind of construction materials such as wall, concrete, brisk, betopan, gas betopan outside the buildings.
Manners of Application:
Mix well before use. Apply with brush or paint. Based on the condition of the application surface, can be thinned with 10-30% of water. Wait until for 4 hours between layers. Clean the dirt, oil, dust and dwelled paint leftovers on the application surface. Coat with Tek Silicone Filled Acrylic Primer Coat, fill with materials such as plaster in case of excessive cracks or hollows on the surface. When the required dryness is ensured, Tek Insulating Primer Coat should be thinned 1/7 and after the dust on the surface completely sticks on the plaster, the surface should be coated with Tek Silicone Filled Primer Coat and then painted. At least 2 layers of paint should be applied.
Application Temperature:
+5 C° to +30 C°; the paint is recommended to be applied at noon (between 11:00 and 14:00) in seasonal transition periods, characterized by significant temperature differences between night time and daytime. The exterior paint should be applied 1 day after the application of Tek Silicone Rammed Acrylic Lining upon ensuring appropriate dryness of clean and smooth surfaces.
Covering Capacity:
Based on the color and condition of the application surface, 1 lt paint covers 12-16 mand 1kg paint covers 10-14 m2. (For 28 ± 5 mic dry film on single layer).
Drying time:
In 20 0C, do not touch for 2 hours
Complete consolidation: 24 hours
Hazard and Security Warning:
Harmful to health if swallowed or contacted with the eye. Keep out of reach of children. Protect from excessive hot or freeze. A thoroughly sealed package can be stored for minimum 1 year at ambient temperature.
Packing Types:
Standard color chart and desired color.
Density based on colors (20 ± 25 oC): 1.4550± 0.05 gr/cm3
Solid % based on colors (by weight): 65 ± 5
Radiance value based on colors (85o  angle) : 5 ± 8 Gloss

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