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Tek Insulating Primer Coat

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-HIGH ADHESION CAPACITY                                                                                               
-TS EN İSO 9001:2008 Certified
Acrylic co-polymer based, water based interior and exterior primer coat.
Areas of Usage and Properties:
Transparent colorless isolation primer coat that decreases the rammed lining and finishing paint costs on interior and exterior surfaces, high absorber surfaces such as satin plaster and drywall that will be painted for the first time, coating under paint and covers the dust of the surface on surfaces such as concrete and plaster.
Manner of Application:
Application surface should be completely cleaned. After the required dryness is ensured, 1 volume of İnsulating Primer should be mixed with 7 volume of water and applied with brush or roller in order to reinforce weak surfaces. When used as isolation material, the surface should be completely cleaned of humidity and 1 volume of İnsulating primer should be mixed with 1 volume of water, applied and should not contact water until it dries.
Application Temperature:
+5 0C to +30 0C. Wait at least for 8 hours between layers.
Covering Capacity:
Based on the application surface, 1 lt of paint covers 20 - 30 m2 and 1 kg of paint covers 15-20 m2 space.
Time of Usage:
2-3 hours at 20 0C, complete consolidation time is 24 hours.
Storage Life:
At least 1 year in sealed package.
Hazard and Security Warning:
Harmful to health if swallowed or contacted with the eye. Keep out of reach of children.
Package Types:
15/1, 10/1, 3/1, 1/1
Chemical and Physical Properties:
0,998 ± 1 gr/cm3
% solid: % 35 ± 40

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