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Tek Water-Stop Primer Coat

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-HIGH COVERING CAPACITY                                                                                             
-TS EN İSO 9001:2008 Certified
Opaque plastic coating with specially modified pure acrylic copolymer basis with long life, elasticity and water insulation capable of being applied on any kind of surface
Prevents moss and bacteria development with its water repellant and antivacterial characteristics. Does not crack or break thanks to high elasticity. Not affected by hot or cold weather conditions after dried and preserves its elasticity. Provides breathing at application surface. It is resistant to weak chemicals and highly decorative.
Areas of Usage:
It can be used when water and moisture impermeability is required in structures, namely on concrete, plaster, brick, briquette, ytong, asbest-applied corrugated/ non-corrugated roof coating plates, on roofs and terrraces, (horizontal and vertical) all surfaces in structures, at window and door skirtings, pools, wells, water containers, channels etc. places.
Manner of Application:
Tek Water-Stop must be applied on dry and clean surfaces without moisture. Plaster and concrete surfaces are recommended to be washed. The application surface should be flat, and any surfaces that may cause water accumulation should be levelled. Greasy, dirty, dusty and loose surfaces on the application areas should be cleaned. For horizontal and vertical edge joints, after a single layer of Tek Water-Stop mixed with fibre is applied for a 5 cm strip, Tek Water-Stop should be thinned by 100% with water depending on surface conditions to be applied as undercoat, and then Tek Water-Stop should be applied in two layers on this without being thinned. Each applied layer should be applied on the surface towards the reverse direction of the previous layer at the latest 24 hours later after its application. In closed spaces, the surface should be dried off with heaters before and after water-stop application. After 24 hours, Tek Water-Stop is applied on the entire surface with brush or roller in 2 layers.
Application Temperature:
The paint should be applied during dry weather conditions, between 5º C and 35º C. Also, in case Tek Water-Stop is to be used in containers subject to be walked on or to mechanical impacts or drinking water containers, a protective coating is required to be implemented.
Undercoat layer is thinned with 100% water. No thinning is made for middle and final layers.
Drying Time:
Drying time (20 ºC), Do not touch for: ½ hour, Initial drying time : 12 hours, Final drying time: 24 hours; Test drying: 48 hours
Hazard and Security Warnings:
S2                  : Should be kept away from children
S24 / 25         : Avoid contact with eye and skin
S37                : Use proper protective gloves
S46                : Refer to doctor if swallowed
S56                : Dispose of this package to the special waste container licensed for this purpose.
 Tek Water-Stop consumption is 0.750 kg/m2 for vertical surfaces and 1.5 kg/m2 for horizontal surfaces.
1 year in cool spaces, protected from freezing
20/1, 10/1, 3.5/1, 1/1

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