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Gross Concrete Primer Coat

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-TS EN İSO 9001:2008 Certified

Gross Concrete Primer Coat (Undercoat) is a primer coat used for strengthening the surface through filling fissures, dents and cracks existing on the surface.
Areas of Usage:
Applied on gross concrete surfaces before the plaster and cement based mortar application. Used on gross concrete wall, column, ceiling etc. surfaces as adherence increaser.
Turquoise Green
1,450 ± 0,05
Drying Time:
24 Hours (20° C – 50% moisture environment)
Application Temperature:
+5 ° C  +35 ° C
Manner of Application:
Any dirt, rust and, if any, mold greases preventing undercoat adherence on the surface subject to application should be cleansed. Disturbed areas on the surface should be repaired. Surface should be dry and clean. Ready to use, applied on surface with mercan roll. The undercoat should be mixed at certain intervals during the application.
Consumption (m2)       COATING
243 g                               5.88 m2/L      Thinned with at most 1% - 3% water for strengthening normal surfaces
400 gr                              3,5 m²/L        Used without thinning on mildly cracked surfaces
500 gr                             2,86 m²/L       Used without thinning on severely cracked surfaces
NOTE: Controlled application should be realised for definite consumption
 Can be kept for 1 year after production date within its own, unopened package in cool and dry spaces when protected from direct sunlight
Security Warnings:
S2                  : Should be kept away from children
S24 / 25         : Avoid contact with eye and skin
S37                : Use proper protective gloves
S46                : Refer to doctor if swallowed
S56                : Dispose of this package to the special waste container licensed for this purpose.

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