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Tek Super Synthetic Oil-Paint

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-TS EN İSO 9001:2008 Certified

Solvent and synthetic resin based, air-dried radiant finishing paint.

Areas of Usage and Properties:
Used on wooden and metallic interior and exterior surfaces. Dries quickly, offers a permanent radiance, resists to chemical and physical effects (adhesion, flexibility, alkali, water, acid, mineral oils). Make sure to mix well before use.

Manner of Application:
Thinned with 5-10% Tek Synthetic Naphtha if applied with brush or roller and 10-15% Tek Synthetic Naphtha if applied with spray gun.

Application Temperature:
Should not be applied below +5 Co. All kind of oil, dirt, dwelled old paint leftovers should be cleaned out of the application surface and it should be ensured that the surface is not humid. Then, wooden surfaces should be painted 2 layers with Tek Wooden Protector. After applying Tek Synthetic Primer Coat, Tek Synthetic Finishing Paint is applied in 2 layers with 12 hours of breaks. In metallic surfaces, 2 layers of Tek Synthetic Anti-rust is applied after the required cleaning and then Tek Synthetic Finishing Paint is applied.

Covering Capacity:
In 25 + - 5 micron dry film thickness, 1 lt of paint covers 10-16 m2 and 1 kg of paint covers 8-10 m2 space based on the application surface and colors.

Drying Time:
In 25 Co, do not touch for: 2-3 hours
Dust suppression time: 3-6 hours
Solid drying time: 12-18 hours

Storage Life:
Minimum 1 year in sealed original package.

Hazard and Security Warning:
Harmful to health if swallowed or contacted with the eye. Keep out of reach of children in closed packages. Protect from open flame, hot and cold.

Flash Point:
39 Co.

Packing Types:
20/1, 5/1, 3,5/1, 1/1, 1/2, 1/4

Standard Color Chart and desired colors

Chemical and Physical Properties:
Density based on colors: 1.2 + - 01 gr/cm3
Radiance based on colors: 85 + - 5 Gloss
Solid Substance % Based on colors: 72 + - 5

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