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Transparent Surface Primer

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-TS EN İSO 9001:2008 Certified

Water based resin based surface preparation primer coat (undercoat) used in surfaces offering difficult adherence for preparing surfaces in interior spaces (on ceramic coating over ceramic materials/tiles)
Surface Preparation:
For application of ceramic coating over ceramic materials, surfaces should be clean and dry, and the older tiles should be checked to see whether they are strong enough to bear the new ceramic. Wet and moist surfaces should be completely dried off.
Primer coating paint should be kept homogenous by being mixed at certain intervals, and should be applied without thinning. Application apparatus are brushes and rolls. The temperatures of the environment and application surface should be between +5 and +30° C, and should be protected against air flow during and after the application. No application may be carried on frozen and very moist surfaces and surfaces continuously subject to water. Cracked joints, edges and corners should be subjected to 2 layers of application and supported by glass-fiber mesh. Although single layer application is recommended, a 2nd layer should be applied between layers on absorbent surfaces after one complete day has passed.
Consumption Amount:
300-500 g/ m² depending on type of application surface.
Drying Time:
Although subject to change depending on environment and surface temperature, the time is a minimum of 24 hours on slippery and glassy surfaces such as ceramic.
Storage Life:
It can be stored at least one year at +5 - 25 ° C temperatures in its original package with closed cover, in dry places protected from direct sunlight.
Chemical Properties:
% Solid      : 70% ±2
Density      : 1.7 ± 0.05 g/cm3
Gloss         : ≤  5 gloss
Packaging Type:
3.5/1, 1/1

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